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 Please Don't Touch baby signs
The flu, RSV, and other infections can be very serious for babies.  Even the common cold can put a baby’s immune system under enough stress to develop a more serious illness.

Germs are everywhere, so how can you keep your baby healthy and get other people to keep their germs to themselves?

It may be hard for you to tell people to keep their hands to themselves without feeling like an overprotective new parent.  Our “Please Don’t Touch” baby signs help you get the message across in a cute and friendly way.  
A must have for preemies and other high risk children!  
Easily attaches to any infant car seat handle or stroller with supplied ribbon.

Sign is green with white raised print, made of a rubber-like material.  Polka dot ribbon included.

Makes a great baby shower gift!

As a parent of a child born with a heart defect, this type of sign came in handy for us when she was an infant and going through surgery.  I hated feeling the need to explain why it was so important to keep our little one healthy and didn’t always feel comfortable asking people not to touch her.  

It was so much easier once the pediatrician gave us a sign like this.  Strangers would still talk to the baby and make her coo, but they would not reach for her little hands or cheeks.  And you wouldn’t believe how many people actually asked us where we got the sign!

Our Please Don't Touch baby signs tell strangers that it's okay to look and make baby smile, but reminds them in a cute way to respect baby's space.
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"It's ok to make me smile but passing germs is not in style! Please Don't Touch"
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